Friday, July 31, 2009

Worth It

I spent all day yesterday in a conference room. Literally from 7:50 until 4:45 with only bathroom breaks.

As I rushed out at 4:45 to liberate my lovely ladies from day care, I thought about my crazy day and I was already exhausted knowing that in some respects the craziness was only beginning.

Fortunately, I had book club last night.

Our reservations were for 7, although LP kicked me out of the house at 6:20 when the Hoos got home, "Okay, mommy, you can leave now," so I even got to run a few errands before meeting up for club.

As the Hoos just asked me, "Did you guys even have a book to discuss last night?" Because it isn't really about the book. It is about me getting together with four good friends to discuss life - the fun parts, the reality, the depressing, the mundane and a little bit of out-of-left-field talk.

We had such a great time and talk about such a wide variety of topics, that it is hard for me to remember that we only met three or so years ago and really only started connecting a little over two years ago, finding commonality in complaining about our day care center.

Now we still complain about day care, but most of us wouldn't seriously consider leaving because of our friendships and the friendships our kids have formed. And, despite the fact that one family has left the day care, we still maintain our relationship, making it clear that when our kids start attending different elementary schools, or if we move away from Norwalk, we may just have started something that will last. And, I have a feeling that our group will likely grow over time.

Even if it does mean I don't get home until after 11 on a school night.


Wenderina said...

Aren't girlfriends the absolute best. No matter how tired you are, no matter how it intereferes with other pressing things (like sleep), there's nothing more restorative than some great girl time.

Anonymous said...

Awww... what a great post! I really treasure our friendships and "book club" too!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a "Like" button on your blog like on FB!! Had a great time too but had a hard time getting up - Good thing I was working from home on Friday.