Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night was my department holiday party. Like most people, I have a like/hate relationship with this type of event. I like to have dinner with adults and maybe get to know some of the people I work with better and yet I hate the concept and being forced to spend more time with people I may or may not like.

For the portion I was there, the evening had some awkward highlights:
  1. When we went around to introduce ourselves to some out-of-town guests, one colleague stood up and say, "Hi! I am [Kate Moss]! I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am here to meet all of your graphic needs." She is a graphic designer - not a porn star, so don't read too much in to the "graphic" part. Even knowing this, it was still odd.
  2. The person toting the wine showed up more than an hour late - getting lost during the 10 minute drive from the office. More likely he was secretly hoping to make a grand entrance. He was unfortunately obliged as some other folks gave him (but really the wine) a standing O when he finally arrived.
  3. As I begged off to get home to the Hoos and the girls, I walked around and said goodbye to the crowd. I am not much of a hugger, but one saccharine sweet co-worker stood up, hugged me and kissed me near my ear. I just stood there kind of stiffly. I still hear the awful echo-ey sound.
  4. An Irish-Catholic colleague lambasted a Jewish colleague about confusing his kids by having "holiday" lights outside him home and not being upfront and telling his two-year old that Santa wouldn't be visiting their house. I agree with her points (but defended him and his decisions anyway), but it sure made for some horrifically uncomfortable dinner conversation.


KiKi said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x10000
Captured perfectly!

Wenderina said...

Geez. This actually made me glad I didn't sit with you. And to think I was a little jealous you got to hang with the Dr. much of the night...

Stamford Talk said...

OMG why is one guy's parenting the other guy's beeswax?
Or was it a friendly lambasting?

Billie said...

So lucky that I have declined my Christmas parties over the last several years. The last one I went to... several co-workers called my soon-to-be husband by my prior boyfriend's name. He hates that guy and consequently was not able to laugh it off.

Lets just say that it was a VERY rough night for me and I did not enjoy myself. Haven't been back since.

Stephanie said...

This, and the rather large amount of alcoholic beverages imbibed by my co-workers that make them slightly less than sane during such festivities, is the reason I don't attend these little gatherings.

Sounds like yours was... uh... fun. :)