Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There Were Three in the Bed

For the second night in a row, AK joined the Hoos and me in bed. Notice I say that she joined us and not that she slept with us. Because last night there was minimal sleep for all.

AK's cold has been resurrected in the worst possible way as evidenced by her stuffed nose, dry hacking cough, and sticky boogers. We thought she was on the mend but around 12 last night she started crying out for me. I nursed her and tried to return her to her crib, but she was having none of that. We thought that perhaps she was playing us again, just wanting to snuggle with mommy like she had the night before (seriously, as soon as she got in to bed with me on Monday night she sighed and fell fast asleep). But...since she had to keep spitting her pacifier out so that she could, you know, breathe, there was no way for her to self soothe. So, we whisked her off to our bedroom to attempt to clear her nose with saline and the snot sucker.

Fast forward four hours to see the Hoos and I desperately trying to sleep while my poor little bunny moaned. There is nothing worse than having a sick, unhappy child and having no recourse. Of course, when my alarm went off at 6:30, AK was out like a light. Ugh.

Anyway, to keep today from being all doom and gloom, let me share one of LP's new found favorite activities - turning on the lights. Since I am short we have a few step stools scattered around the house. I use them to reach things up high, LP uses them to flick the light switches on and off. She is actually very cute running around the house carrying a just gets to be less funny when she uses it to turn the lights on in the bedrooms in the morning to goad us out of bed.


Stephanie said...

I can totally picture her, perched up on a stool, flicking that light switch on to wake you. How cute is that? OK, it might be cuter if it was 9am or something, but still... pretty cute. :)

A's Mom said...

It's cold season in our house as well. I feel so bad for LMA when he's crying out "burgga" in the middle of the night. :(