Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where to Begin?

Thursday, my parents went to LP's school and did a project with her class. They then took her home and she slept over at their house. They had a great time and LP didn't much miss us.

It was odd to be home alone with AK. It was also unfortunate, because it turned out that poor AK has a double ear infection, so any time we tried to lay her down to sleep she would wake up and be upset. Poor little bunny. She is now on the mend and sleeping much better.

Saturday morning the girls had a tea party.

Sunday, LP continued work on her photography skills. A work in progress, obviously.

And last night they both posed beautifully for me, with LP even IMPLORING me to take a picture. Like I could resist?

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Wenderina said...

How many more times can I say what adorable girls you have?