Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A good story from yesterday:

Next to our washer in the basement is a slop sink that the washer drains into. Typically we have no problems with this set-up. Last night after LP had an accident, I put her wet clothes on the side of the sink to dry. Later on I put up some laundry, forgetting about the Tinkerbell panties and jeans resting on the lip of the sink. Some time later I came down to move the wash into the dryer and noticed water on the floor of the basement - stretched across almost the entire expanse of the basement. Apparently Tink had been knocked loose and got stuck in the drain, causing the slop sink to overflow and flood the basement. Fortunately we have a Wet/Dry vac, the Hoos had just cleaned up the basement, nothing was really on the floor, and the Hoos was a good sport. It actually turned out to only be a couple of gallons, but it still sucked.

A better story from yesterday:

I gave LP some fruit for dessert after she finished her dinner. She held up a blackberry and asked me what it was. She nodded and ate it. She then picked up a raspberry and showed it to me and said," I like these better." She then stuck it on the tip of her finger and laughed hysterically. I was amazed that she had somewhere, somehow picked up the concept of "better". She is so smart.

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