Monday, December 29, 2008

Now, Where Was I?

Back to the post about all of the interesting things I did before kids...

Today the girls and I met the Hoos for lunch and we ran into a friend from college at the diner. While it was very nice to see her and catch up, it felt like it must be impossible that we graduated at the same time.

When she asked us if we had any plans for New Years we just sort of gestured at the girls and shrugged, "Not really."

Maybe it doesn't sound so bad reading it, but it just really made us feel old. And we aren't old. And it isn't like we had kids early. We were both about to turn 30 when we had LP.

The reality is, we are just on different paths from our school mate. Maybe it is because she is single or maybe it is because we have kids or maybe we just have different priorities. We have plenty of other friends who are married with kids. But, for some reason we forget about those folks and instead wonder instead what people who aren't traveling in our same direction think about us. It is not like we were ever partiers or ones to go out to bars on New Years (or ever really, well, maybe if a good band was playing and I had slept late that day). But still...

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I joined a family with two little kids-- if they were biologically mine, I would have been 23 and 25 when I had them. That just seems so young, and so here I am, at 33, coming to terms with how I've 'aged' in the past three years.

I have many friends who are in their 30's without children, and I feel their frustration with me when I simply can't have a phone conversation because I've got kids running around.

It's a strange transition for all of us, isn't it?