Monday, December 22, 2008


Earlier this evening the Hoos pointed out to me that this potty training thing might well be one of the last major milestones for our little LP for a while. Now that she has the potential to be completely potty trained she will be so much more than our little toddler. She will be a "big girl".

A big girl who until Friday refused to go near the potty. As of an hour ago, she not only tells us when she has to go, she does into the bathroom herself and closes the door, only calling out to tell me what she has accomplished. Wow.

My big girl trying to ride her first Chanukah present of the holiday - a new tricycle from her Saba and Savta.


Robyn said...

I, for one, am eagerly awaiting that milestone! Congrats to LP -- what a big girl!!

And, Happy Hanukkah!

A's Mom said...

Hence why I am not overly eager to get LMA potty trained. Not to mention the 2 boxes of diapers we just purchased from BJ's.

Yeah, LP!

Tiffany said...

YEA!!!! No more diapers for LP (at least not during the day).

Mikayla will get up and leave the room all the time watching us, if we catch her eye she says "Ask me what am I doing." So I ask and she is going potty.