Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gopher Balls

So my plan for the night was to have the Hoos give both girls a bath, nurse AK, and go to sleep shortly after she did.

Unfortunately, while I was nursing AK, I hear LP and the Hoos shouting, "Amy! Amy! The toilet overflowed!"

Not sure what they want me for I go running down the hall with poor, almost asleep, AK still suckling. At the foot of the stairs is a wet, unclothed LP; the Hoos expelled her from the bathroom right at the end of her bath as he noticed the toilet overflowing. "Towels! We need lots of towels!" he calls out.

I chuck towels down the stairs, make my way down and plunk AK into the exersaucer. I then pick up a shivering LP and get her PJs on. the entire time she keeps trying to jump off the changing table to go and watch Daddy, shouting, "THE TOILET 'SPLODED!"

The Hoos gives up unclogging the bath and toilet for a moment and tries to get LP ready for bed while I try to get AK settled back down. From AK's room I hear LP telling the Hoos, "I'm going to tell Eliza about the toilet 'sploding."

So much for an early night.


Lori said...

Oh, Amy! You poor thing! I read your earlier blog and all I can say is I am sorry you have had such a stressful, "shitty" day. (Did that make you laugh, at least? It's the best I could do.)

Betsey Booms said...

Oh no! Toilet 'sploding is NEVER good!

Well Happy New Year, anyhow! ;)