Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pushing Through

For the past few days, LP's true Gemini nature has been rearing its head. She is a beautiful, loving angel one minute and a crying, inconsolable nudnik the next. When even a pacifier and a trip outside can't calm her down, you know there is a real problem. Our best guess is that it is her teeth.

Yesterday morning the Hoos noticed that baby girl now has four little white chicklets poking through. And if you take a gander further back into her mouth you will see gums stretched to capacity. It seems that her molars are about to make their big debut. According to common lure, the pain a baby experiences during teething could not be tolerated by a grown woman. (I initially wrote could not be tolerated by a grown-up, but considering men couldn't manage the pain associated with childbirth, this is a better gauge). I guess I can't begrudge the poor baby a few tears and some upset.

For now Orajel and TLC are being used to keep baby girl from going crazy and us sane. Soon enough she will be able to mash her food to bits using a mouthful of teeth. As someone who loves to eat, I will just have to keep reminding her that it is worth it.

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