Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feeling Hot, Hot, NOT

This weekend was supposed to be a catch-up weekend. The weather wasn't predicted to be great, the house needed a good cleaning, and there were some things we needed that we hadn't had a chance to purchase yet. The best laid plans...

Saturday we decided to drive down to Long Island and visit my parents. It is typically an hour and a half or so drive and my parents love to see LP. We time the trip to coincide with baby girl's nap time so when we get there she is awake, refreshed, and we are all ready for lunch. In addition, my parents live close to a babies r us (we don't) and we wanted to buy an umbrella stroller for our planned vacations.

Sometime between leaving our home in Norwalk and arriving at my parent's house, disaster struck. Not that we knew it. After arriving, LP is quickly whisked away by grandma to play. We all sit down and start chatting when my dad looks at me and says, "What is that in your eye?" Me: "I dunno, what?" The Hoos takes one look at me and has a minor freak out, "OMG, Aim, what is that?" I go look in the mirror and wouldn't you know it, the entire top half of my right eyeball looks bloody. Not bloodshot, bloody. Lovely.

We spend the next half hour trying to find an ophthalmologist near Bohemia that is open on a Saturday. I am feeling fine, but I would rather have a professional confirm that I am fine. I am awarded an appointment for 2:30 and we go out to lunch. The doctor confirms that I must have burst some blood vessels in my eye, it is only something a kin to a bruise in my eye and it shouldn't impact my vision (I can still even wear my contacts) and it will probably get worse before it gets better. Lucky me, just in time for LP's first birthday celebration. Good thing it was going to be a low-key party anyway.

So how exactly did I get this subconjunctival hemorrhage? The best I can determine, it happened when I turned around to check on LP snoozing in the back seat. She still faces backwards, so this requires a bit of maneuvering when wearing a seat belt. I must have strained too much and popped a few vessels. Another undocumented danger of a car seat...

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kim said...

I got this once in college, after a night of too much drinking and getting sick. It looks horrible, but I guess it is just like an eye bruise! Hope you "look" better soon. Happy 1st Birthday to LP!