Monday, April 23, 2007


The more mobile LP gets, the more difficult it is to change her diaper. I would think that she would want to put as much distance between herself and the stink emanating from her unders as possible, but alas, this is not the case. Just about every time LP needs a diaper change, it requires muscle, speed and enough intellect to outsmart an 11-month old. Laugh if you must, but this does require more smarts than you think.

It is no longer enough to distract LP with her favorite "cheek chapstick" and a pacifier. She will twist, turn and essentially run off of the changing pad instead of waiting the 30 seconds for me to stick on a fresh, clean diaper. There is no reasoning with her, even though the Hoos tries, "LP, if you just sit still for a few seconds you can run off and play, it takes longer when you move like this."

Earlier today I was trying to swap out a soaked diaper. Next to the changing pad we have wipes, a jar of Triple Paste, and assorted baby creams. As I focused on unfolding the new diaper, LP found her way into the paste and painted both of us with a healthy swab of it. Forget that this stuff costs $30 a pound, it is impossible to remove. It is a good thing she looks cute in her summer jams...

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