Saturday, April 7, 2007


Just today LP started attempting to stand on her own. She pulls herself up holding on to someone or some piece of furniture and slowly lets go, holding out her hands, fingers splayed, for balance. She only stays up for a few seconds before falling down on her little tush.

She also has turned over one of her cardboard toy boxes and started climbing up on to it and crawling off. The first few tries had her rolling off after misplacing a hand over the edge. But she quickly picked up how to scale the 5 inch high box with ease.

It is truly amazing how quickly LP is developing into a little person. When I see younger infants they look "mushy" to me and I try to remember LP at that stage. She is only a little over 10 months old and yet I can't recall what she looked like or what milestones she was accomplishing even a few months ago. I can't figure out if the fatigue is causing memory loss, or if it is due to age, or stress, or if things really are happening at such a whirlwind pace that a mere mortal like me has no choice but to fall behind.

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