Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunny Days

Today was a gorgeous day in Connecticut. The sun was high, the sky was blue, the temps were in the seventies, what else could a family ask for? Of course, as much as I have been longing for the nice weather, it caught me off guard and I had to run out this morning to buy LP a sun hat. Last summer the hats she had were too big, so I figured we could plop one of those on her head. Big on a newborn does not equate to big on an almost-one-year-old. You live and you learn!

In order to take full advantage of the day, we met my brother-in-law and his family at a park nearby. The Hoos is an avid fisherman and this spot was chosen for its pond which promised to be full of sunfish. LP loves the outdoors. If she is cranky and we take her out to our front stoop she immediately stops crying and starts pointing at all of the excitement going on around her. Putnam Park was no exception. It started shortly after we got there and the Hoos found a baby snapping turtle. LP was right in there with her cousins trying to touch the little bugger.

Around 2pm, the lack of a nap was starting to catch up with baby girl and we decided to call it a day. As we headed to the car I noticed that there were certain odoriferous signs alerting us to the fact that a diaper change was in order. Struggling to change the twisting baby in the Hoos' new car, we determined that putting her pants back on would be a team effort. I held LP while the Hoos pulled her pants on . After it appeared that the waist band of her pants was nearing her armpits, I let him know it was good enough. As I attempted to put LP into her carseat, I noticed a slight problem - both of her legs were crammed into one leg of her jeans.... I guess maybe Mommy and Daddy need a nap too.

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