Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stone Soup

In order for me to look past the fact that LP was up at 2:00 again last night (apparently she thinks we hold dance parties while she is sleeping, so she wants to participate), I will focus on some of the recent positives in my life.
  1. LP loves my cooking! Sunday we had some nasty weather up here in the Northeast. In response to the cold and dreary day I decided to make a pot of vegetable soup. Yesterday, LP had some leftover soup as her lunch. The vegetables were the perfect consistency for her to eat by hand without choking and she drank the liquid by the spoonful. I feel like a good mommy, providing homemade nourishment for my little bundle.

  2. LP loves her daddy. Last night the Hoos tried to put LP to bed. As he set her down in her crib, she immediately rolled onto her belly, bounced up to her knees and pulled herself up on the crib bar. She then rested her little noggin on her Daddy's shoulder and threw her arm around him. It may sound like a cheap ploy to prolong bedtime, but let me tell you, it worked.

  3. Mommy-hood gets better everyday. LP is no longer just my little mush. She is know my little girl, my friend, my confidant. She is honestly a lot of fun and she really know how to make me laugh. Somehow being awake at 5 in the morning is tolerable when a little munchkin is trying to suck on my face.

  4. LP is growing up! As you can see, she has outgrown her cradle. This was our "downstairs" bed for her. It is no longer an option for sleeping for obvious reasons. Of course, now I have to climb the stairs when I want to put her down for a nap. On the plus side, my butt will be in great shape!

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