Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Yesterday I finally starting writing about the weening process we had just initiated, and wouldn't you know it - day care called to tell me LP had hives! Of course, they immediately thought the whole milk was the culprit and told me that they wouldn't give it to her again without a doctor's note. Never mind that she had the milk at 12:45 and they discovered the "hives", only on her face, at 2:15 after coming in from a walk. This also meant that she had just had sunscreen applied to her little face.

By the time I picked her up at 3:30 (of course I left work right away to attend to my precious girl) there wasn't a hive or rash left. There was a small purple dot on her forehead, but that turned out to be a bruise. Regardless, I took her to the doctor at 6 to get her checked out and to get a note if needed for day care.

While I am not trying to push something on my baby which may be harmful to her (the whole milk), weening is a process for both of us when moving away from nursing. I would hate to delay the process for naught. The PA I met with at the pediatrician's office agreed. It seems that hives get worse before they get better, cover the entire body, and last more than an hour. LP might have rubbed her face after getting the aforementioned bruise, she might have had heat rash, she might have had a zillion other factors contribute to this rash, but it wasn't from the milk.

This weekend we are going to continue to give LP one bottle of milk instead of breast milk and monitor the situation. I am hopeful that things will return to normal and baby girl will be totally transitioned to whole milk by her first birthday.

One good thing did come from the doctor's visit - LP hit the 20 pound mark, meaning we can turn her car seat around to face forward once she turns one. Hurrah! This is a big deal, from what I understand.

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