Friday, April 6, 2007

We Have a Big Girl

Earlier this week, LP created her first piece of artwork at school (if you don't count the pudding painting fiasco). There are a few blue and yellow scribbles on the top edge of a sheet of paper and the entire piece highlighted in a black paper frame. It is gorgeous. We can't wait to get it home and post it on the fridge.

Speaking of LP and school, apparently my baby girl is turning into a bit of a thief. Her classroom has a semi-circular table with built in seats so that all of the kids can sit securely and eat at the same time. While sitting and awaiting her meal, or even while eating the food we sent in for her, she will casually reach over and pilfer some of her neighbor's snack. Yesterday poor little Lauren decided to share her sandwich after LP starting taking it anyway; eventually Lauren determined that LP would eat the entire thing if she let her and cut my little klepto off. You would think we didn't feed her.

The teachers aren't too concerned about LP's requisitioning ways. She is a huge flirt and by simply laying her head on each of them and giving them some loving, she has wrapped them all around her cute little finger. In fact, she did the same thing to Dianna, Lauren's mom, yesterday. Maybe she was asking for forgiveness for eating Lauren's sandwich. Or maybe she was just trying to tell her she liked her cooking and she should send in some extra.

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