Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Little Alligator

LP has started biting the hand that feeds her, so to speak. She only has two teeth fully through on the bottom and two little nubs just breaking through on top, but I swear those buggers rival the shiatsu knives they sell on television in terms of sharpness.

Yesterday was the first day this horrible new habit reared its ugly head. It never used to be a problem because she didn't have two opposing teeth to bite down with. Also, in order to nurse, her tongue has to cover her bottom teeth. So not only does it have to be somewhat deliberate (although I know she is experimenting with her new choppers), but she is smart about how and when she employs the technique. She waits until she is done eating and then chomps down, as if making a point, "Waiter, please clear the plates (snap, snap)!"

Today she wasn't so smart about it and she bit down just as she started eating. I cried out "No! LP, no!" and she burst into tears. If it didn't hurt so much I might have felt bad for making her cry. The Hoos witnessed this and said, "Well, maybe now she will learn." I sure hope so.

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