Monday, April 30, 2007

Wanting the Whole Enchilada

LP is pretty much sleeping through the night again. While she stirs around 6:30, she entertains herself until the Hoos or I go in and rescue her (typically around 7:30 or so). However, I am learning that there are certain trade-offs associated with having LP sleep for 9 or 10 hours at night. Namely, that nap time is hell.

Today I am home with baby girl. Three times I tried and failed to get her to nap. I have no problem putting her in her crib and leaving her to cry for a bit, especially if it appears that she will eventually fall asleep. But after 10 minutes of screaming, while standing, it is pretty obvious that no nap is on the horizon. Now that I am not nursing her during the day, a surefire way of getting her to fall asleep, my options are even more limited.

Instead of fighting for a fourth time, I decided to take LP out for a drive. Less than a block from the house she fell asleep. I quickly returned home and levitated her up to her crib. Now let's just hope this is a nice long nap so I don't have to try to get her to rest again in a few hours.

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