Saturday, April 28, 2007

Baby Steps

With no problems LP drained her bottle of whole milk with her lunch yesterday - all by herself! I didn't even know she could feed herself an entire bottle and I am thrilled to pieces that she picked up this valuable skill in day care.

To further enhance the "drink by yourself" skill, [hold on, before I go further, I need to clarify - in no way do I mean to imply that LP or anyone should drink alone, I believe that is a key sign of an alcoholic, rather I mean "drinking without assistance."] LP and I bought a fancy new sippy cup while visiting Target today. This is no ordinary sippy, it comes with a built in straw. While baby girl does indeed pick up her cup and take a few sips by herself, she prefers the bottle to the cup. I am hopeful that by introducing a new type of cup she might take more initiative to use this as her primary drinking device.

Speaking of Target, is it just me, or is it impossible to walk into the store and just get one thing or spend less than $40? As I walk around I suddenly remember a million things I need. And not by any stretch of imagination are all (or often any) of these items necessary. It is as if the muzak at Target is playing subliminal messages encouraging me to buy lots of stuff. Add that to the baby coupons Target sends me monthly and I am like an addict. So much so that I am willing to drive out of may way - and past two Walmarts - to visit a Target. More than once I have given up my lunch break to pop over to the Target in White Plains to pick up "one or two" things.

To make matters worse, I always inadvertently forget at least one item that I actually need, requiring me to visit the red and white retailer yet again. Please advise if there is a self-help group for Target shoppers...


Anonymous said...

You come by this addiction honestly as your mother is a major Target shopper and also needs a self-help group!

Anonymous said...

I find there is no help for this as I do it in Wal-Mart, Walgreens and CVS. It is hopeless my dear. -Dianna