Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

"Eureka!" I thought yesterday afternoon. I had an idea for making sure there was enough milk stored up while I am out of town. My grand plan was to pump before I left the house in the morning and then 3 times during the day at work (as usual). I figured that by adding in this extra expressing session I would both increase my production and have an extra few ounces to freeze. This morning was to be the first test of my genius.

And LP woke up at 6. And was cranky. And screaming. And so I nursed her on one side. Then I tried to put her back to sleep, sneaking the pacifier into her mouth, thinking "Okay, I can still pump the one side". And yet the loud unhappiness continued. So I nursed on the other side.

"Okay," I thought "this will still increase my production." Tell that to the 2 whole ounces I pumped at 9:30. UGH. There is always tomorrow.

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