Thursday, February 22, 2007

Paradise Lost

I rarely watch television anymore. I don't like to turn it on when I am playing in the living room with LP since I often find myself focused on the tube instead of the cherub beside me. The one show that I do still like to watch is Lost. After a three-month hiatus, it returned to the ABC line-up a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it returned in a new, not-so-mommy-friendly 10 pm time slot.

Last night, after depositing LP in her crib around 9:30 I slipped into my PJs so that I could watch Lost from the comfort of my bed and go to sleep promptly when it ended at 11. Well, lets just say that staying up until 11 is not compatible with having a child that wakes up at 5. I have never been a night owl that could stay up late, but I certainly thought 11 was doable. I didn't even make it to the second commercial break.

Nowadays, I don't even remember the chick who would stay up until the late hour of midnight (ha ha ha). I am constantly part of a team. For example, when I spend the day with LP and the Hoos calls to check in, I tell him about 'our' day. "We did three loads of laundry, changed the sheets, went grocery shopping, emptied the dishwasher and made dinner." LP - she sure is some helper!

Another example: yesterday I won a customized mug from Design-her Gals as a result of a contest I entered on Role Mommy and created the cartoon image of myself to the right (okay, she is much cuter and chicer than me). I captioned it "LP's Mommy". Not "Glamorous Fabulous Super Star" or "Amy's Mug"; Actually , now that I think of it, "Amy's Mug" would have been cute - except that the cartoon isn't really my mug....

I knew being a mom would redefine who I was as a person, and I love it, but I wonder if my name will become a relic of the past as I move from "Mommy" to "LP's mom" to "Mrs. Hoos". If you see me on the street, or someone that kinda sorta looks like the cartoon if you squint at her, please, just call me "Amy". And let me know what happened on Lost last night too.

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Selfmademom said...

I have to agree with you- Lost is on at a very mommy-unfriendly time. But I still watch it. And it's still good. Hey- also, have you tried putting your baby to bed earlier? Maybe he'll sleep later. I know it sounds crazy, but that really worked for us. Good luck!