Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Call Me Clara

I have never felt so much like a cow in my life. Not even when I was essentially nursing constantly during LP's first few weeks. It didn't help matters that the freaking cheap Evenflo pump I got at Target is useless.

Where to begin? The trip to Phoenix was miserable, as expected, due to the weather and problems with the "jetway motor". Folks couldn't get off the plane at JFK and we couldn't get on the plane. Lovely. Then when I got to Phoenix, I waited on the wrong side of the airport for my hotel shuttle and instead of getting to the hotel at 10:45, I got there at 11:30. Strike two. Then I found out that the aforementioned pump was a piece of crap.

With my fancy Medela pump (thank you Aunt Angela!) I can pump both of the ladies at the same time and in 10 minutes be done (with about 6 ounces to show for my efforts). With this thing after half an hour with very very full ta-tas (sorry dad!) I had an ounce. And still two erect rocks. So around 12:45 I figured I had accomplished enough so I could sleep. And woke up with two boulders.

I spent two breaks HAND-PUMPING (which proved to be much more efficient) in a locked executive bathroom. Standing over the sink, looking into a mirror. My hands are cramped. And unrelated, my feet hurt due to swelling and I am scared to take off my shoes for fear I will have to stay barefoot.

Next time they want me to travel for work, I will most definitely say no. It's not worth it. Thank goodness my workshop went well, otherwise I might have considered quitting (joking, being tired makes me dramatic).

Here's hoping I make it home tonight. I miss LP, I miss the Hoos. The only good thing I missed was the miserable weather.

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