Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Drawing the Line

My schedule has been the same since I came back to the office after my maternity leave ended in September. In fact, I laid out my schedule in May before going out on leave. I am in the office three full days a week and I work 3 hours from home - preferably in the mornings - the other two days. Ideally, my two days at home are catch up days. Days when I actually complete the action items assigned at all of the meetings that I attend when in the office.

Unfortunately, the Vice President I work with, while being all for "family flexibility" and having a family of his own, doesn't really put this "flexible" mentality into practice. In fact, he travels the bulk of the week and he is the one that strongly encouraged me to go to Phoenix. Because he travels so frequently, he is only in the office on occasion. And when he is in, he likes to pack the day with meetings. Wouldn't you know it, 9 times out of 10 this falls on a work-from-home day for me. I don't mind participating in conference calls. We bought a phone with speaker and mute capabilities just for this purpose. However, instead of me catching-up on these days, I spend hours on conference calls and at least one extra half day a month in the office.

I want to be responsive and a good employee, but as a type-A overachiever that hates to disappoint, I am finding it difficult to draw the line. How do other moms accommodate everyone and everything in their lives without compromising themselves or turning into an over-extended mess?

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Susan said...

It just goes to show, talk is cheap. It's easy to say you're a "flexible" employer/manager. It's hard to actually follow through and BE flexible. But so worth it--for the right kind of people (like I'm sure you are).

And really, a lot of it is a mental adjustment. Does "face time" really matter that much? As a former magazine editor, and current freelance writer, I've had successful working relationships that lasted years without a single in-person meeting.

Sorry I couldn't offer more advice. But you have my support to keep the faith!

Susan @ Working Moms Against Guilt