Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Devil You Know

I have always been a thinker, a planner. That is, one who thinks too much, too long term. I like having a plan in place, goals to achieve. Having LP meant I started having to live day-to-day and let things work themselves out. Now that I am getting the hang of this mommy thing - I am starting to look at my long-term plan again.

I have been at my current job 4.5 years. Shortly after I started, I realized it was not as challenging as my previous position. The Hoos and I discussed at length (when he wasn't studying - being a first year law student and all) and I ultimately decided that for the time-being this position was a good fit for me. We knew we wanted to have children once he graduated and we knew that my firm was flexible and family friendly, which would be quite beneficial in the long-run.

This is the longest I have ever been at one company. I almost said "one job" but my role here is constantly evolving and changing. Which is a good thing - although the things I don't like about my current work environment are not changing. Inertia is comfortable for individuals and companies, I guess.

The Pros. I have been able to pretty much dictate my schedule at my current organization; I am viewed as a valuable member of my team; I enjoy the people I work directly with; My managers are eager to keep me happy and compensate me as such; I have had the opportunity to travel; the hours (7:45-4:30); and the fact that I don't take my work home with me (although I am obsessive-compulsive about checking email).

The Cons. While I am a valuable member of my team, my team is not viewed as a valued member of the firm; in terms of long-term opportunity, I could get ahead here, but would I really end up in a position that I desire as long as the former "con" exists?; the lack of challenge - I am appreciated for my contribution, but I am pretty sure I am not working up to my potential, and while I get the occasional more strategic project to manage, is this enough?; and finally, the commute - because of the hours it works out fine, but I could work different hours closer to home and have same amount of time with the family.

Ah - maybe I should just worry about making sure I have enough clean diapers to last the weekend. It is a much easier task to handle....

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Beth said...

Just noticed your blog...I'm in the same boat - hard to live up to your potential at work without losing something in return...I guess eventually, after our kids are in college, we can finally claim the corner office - for now I'd rather be the one dropping them off at school, telecommuting and still working on my terms. For more about me, check out my website ( - I think you'll like what you see.