Friday, September 11, 2009


I spent this morning switching out the clothes in LP's and AK's dressers. Apparently fall crept up on me and I didn't even notice! Yesterday, I sent the girls to school in summer clothes! Nothing screams "inattentive mom" like kids in shorts in 65 degree weather.

The only way I could accomplish the drawer updating was to send AK to school. On my train ride home from a loooong day in NYC for work, I decided that I would treat myself to a day alone. My original intention was to get a mani-pedi, but the weather is so miserable, and the dressers were in such disarray that I had no choice.

It took more than three hours to empty AK's dressers, replace it with items from the 12-18 month bin of hand-me-downs from LP, refill the bin with 6-12 month clothes, empty LP's dresser, refill it with newly purchased 4T clothes and 3T clothes leftover from the spring, and fill another bin with 2T and 3T summer clothes.

It was actually a very useful exercise. Especially since I went to look around at the Gap after lunch and I was able to resist buying on sale, very adorable 12-18 month clothes for AK. She has way more clothes than LP. Poor thing will never get new clothes. Which is good - because I don't have room for them!

I did treat myself to lunch at our local Indian takeout joint, so that was good. And I do have a sense of accomplishment. Even if it wasn't how I intended to spend my 33rd birthday, I will survive. And my children will be weather appropriate.

Not to worry, dearest readers! The birthday celebration is not over! I did get birthday songs, kisses, cards and wishes from my two favorite ladies, the Hoos and a whole host of friends. All is not lost yet! Tomorrow we head to the Norwalk Oyster Festival and Sunday is a Connecticut Sun game up at Mohegan Sun. I am looking forward to both and hope to have a full report next week.


Wenderina said...

Happy Birthday Ams...we'll do lunch (or dinner) next week!

Tiffany said...

You pull out the fall clothes at 65 - that is still summer here! Today was chilly so I did have to find some fall clothes. I need to do the switch around soon. The good thing about Colorado is that we keep pants, long sleeves and sweaters in our closests all year long.

Happy Birthday!