Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus

It is hard to believe that my little LP is growing up. The other day we got a notice about a field trip with her pre-school. How did she get to be old enough to have school trips?! The excursion to a local farm for pumpkin and apple picking is reminding the Hoos of his first school trip - to the same place! He has been describing what will happen on the trip to LP, "...and you will see how they make apple cider..." Who knows if they still do these things, but 30-years ago the tour included a cider press.

The unusual thing about day care school trips is that they don't involve buses. Parent chaperones also wear the hat of chauffeur. Parents have to drop off car seats along with their child and the drivers - hopefully with help - put the seats and the kids in the car and drive them to the venue. Originally we received a note that said only people that can fit 3-5 kids in their car can attend - sort of making a mini-van a prerequisite for being a parent. I think there has been a change and as long as you can fit two car seats you can chaperone. Either way, I am not going on this trip.

It is sort of unsettling to think of your child going somewhere in a car with someone else. I know this will be the first of many times, but it takes getting used to. And, at least I know the drivers will be experienced and over 18. Fortunately, I know most of the parents of LP's friends. I trust them and feel comfortable with LP driving in their cars. As long as she doesn't say something embarrassing. Which is definitely possible since her favorite place to talk is in the car. It could potentially be hysterical (and distracting) to be a fly on the wall (e.g., the driver) in a car listening to the chatter of five three-year olds.

The good news is, LP is very observant and a wonderful reporter. This is good because I will get a vivid description of the trip to help me pretend I was there. It also means that I know all sorts of things about her friends so that I can blackmail my friends back when LP shares information that need not be shared:)


Anonymous said...

Just wait. Julie has her first kindergarten field trip this week. They take a school bus to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to go & since you already have blackmail material on us, she's more than welcome in my car!