Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hours of Entertainment

Yesterday we were home in observance of Yom Kippur. We went to services in the morning, but then had the entire rest of the day to while away. I was fasting, so my energy levels weren't exactly sky high, but the girls were snacking constantly, so they were quite energized.

When AK finally went down for a nap around 2, the Hoos took LP down to the river to throw in rocks and bread so I could rest. Actually, throwing bread in the river to "cast away your sins" is part of the Rosh Hashana observance. Even though it was supposed to happen a week earlier, we figured it couldn't hurt and LP had a great time, telling me, "There weren't any ducks, but we threw the bread in anyway."

After breaking the fast around 6:30, it already seemed like the longest day ever. Luckily, my body continues to be a source of amusement for my children so we made it to bath time at 7:30. As I laid on the ground my daughters would take turns (sometimes forcibly) jumping on me. At some point, LP determined that my legs, bent at the knee, looked like a water slide, and spent at least 15 minutes trying to slide down them. And then slide her baby doll down them.

This worked out because AK was not at all interested in my legs and this left her alone to abuse my gut. Typically any area of exposed skin calls to AK requesting a slurb. Seriously, if I bend at the knee to pick something up, she follows behind me and slurbs the one inch of skin showing between my shirt and jeans. Last night in addition to spitting all over me, she decided that my squishy belly felt really awesome on her bare feet. She would pull my t-shirt up and hold it up (as I was attempting to tug it back down) so she could place her little foot square in the middle of my stomach. No matter how many times I would pull it down, she would wrestle it from my hands. I am convinced that she doesn't want any more siblings, and is trying to ensure that the Hoos sees my blubber as much as possible.

I thought dads were supposed to be the rough and tumble parent. The ones taking abuse and throwing kids about. We need to work on that...

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A's Mom said...

Although I'm sure it was not all that comfortable, it does sound like a good time. At least for them. :)