Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keeping Up

Thanks to JM for this fabulous picture of my little bunnies

See those little kids up there? They rock my world.

LP just cracks me up from head to toe. The other day she spent half an hour singing a made-up song "Rosh Hashana is the New Year." She also is just the best big sister when she isn't harassing her sister. One of her new things is this sort of football block move, where she runs in front of AK and sticks her arms out and tries to fence her poor little sister in to prevent her from escaping. AK is not amused. Except when she is and she laughs and laughs at her sister as if she is the funniest thing on the planet.

AK has really started to come in to her own. Over the last two months or so she has really become a person. She is incredibly silly. She has taken to putting things on her head - the other day it was mini mozzarella cheese balls. She just sticks them in her hair, runs up to you and smiles, waiting for you to notice. She also really really likes attention. If I am holding her but talking to LP, AK will grab my face and pull to focus right on her and then smile the world's biggest, goofiest, most fantastic grin.

It is so hard for me to remember precisely when LP started doing things to be able to see how AK matches up. Not that they need to be on the same timeline, but LP is my best developmental reference. This blog helps me keep track, which is good, because my mind is useless. I can't really remember a time when LP wasn't talking. And I am pretty sure she didn't run nearly as much as AK.

For example, when LP was 13 months old we went to the same house in Cape Cod that we went to this year. While there, LP started walking in earnest. Exactly two years later, guess who duplicated this accomplishment?

On the other hand, my September 10, 2007 blog post complained about people commenting on LP's size. No one really comments on AK's size. Occasionally I get someone who says something about how she is tall - which is just bizarre, because she isn't - but it is generally acknowledged that AK is smaller than LP. I also know this because in Summer 07 LP was wearing size 18 month clothing. Some 12 month size clothes fall down on AK! All of those hand-me-downs, useless...

There are also people that point out the similarities between LP and AK. Strangers, friends, family, lots of people tell us that they think the girls look alike. There are also some people that say they look nothing alike, but these seem to be in the minority. I am not sure if as I parent I am more keyed in to the differences, letting my girls establish their own identities, or if the people who say they are similar are just crazy. What do you think?

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