Monday, September 21, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Aren't holiday weekends supposed to be relaxing?

The Jewish holidays are not recognized as holidays in the secular sense, meaning we don't get them off of work. So, actually, when the holidays fall on the weekend it is nice that the Hoos and I don't have to take off of work. On the downside, when the holidays fall on the weekend you kind of lose your weekend. It isn't appropriate to run errands and a few hours of each day are spent in synagogue and evenings are typically spent (at least on Rosh Hashana) at a large family meal.

This was the first Rosh Hashana that the Hoos and I seriously considered skipping services. Friday night/Saturday morning was a nightmare, AK was up from 12:30-4. I finally got her to sleep after giving her two bottles of milk (I was trying to get her to replace her bedtime bottle with a cup, so I am thinking maybe she was thirsty?) and some tylenol. Fortunately, everyone slept in until after 9. Unfortunately, we didn't get to synagogue until after 11. And there was no way AK was sitting still. Basically the Hoos and I spent an hour and a half in the hallway at the synagogue chasing our daughters.

Saturday before bed I was confident that we were not going to go to services on Sunday. I figured I could be reflective at home and likely get more out of it. However, AK slept slightly better Saturday night, so the Hoos and I decided to give it a shot and take turns sitting in the service. Besides we left AK's antibiotic at my in-laws, which is near the synagogue, so we had to go to Fairfield anyway to pick it up. It did work out better and at least we both got to feel like we attended services.

Last night was the worst. AK now has the serious snots and a cough. I was up with her from 3 until 6:30. Holding her in the glider. Both of us fell asleep in the chair eventually. Not exactly the most restful sleep.

Today is a catch-up day. Both in terms of errands and work. For the next week I will be reflecting and atoning and preparing spiritually (and hopefully physically and mentally) for Yom Kippur next Monday. Part of my prep is reminding myself that I am really, really lucky to get to sit up at night with a snotty kid.

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