Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sooo Big

AK had her 15 month check up on Monday. I can't even believe how quickly she is growing. Or how impatient! She was literally running around the exam room in circles while we waited for the doctor. After five minutes of that she walked to the door, pointing angrily, insisting that I open it so she could wander the halls.

I am pleased to report that my little peanut is healthy, with "perfect ears" despite her runny nose, and an exception vocabulary. Okay, maybe I am embellishing that part. The doctor did ask how many words she had. I thought for a minute and asked if using the same "word" to refer to two different things count as two words. She assured me that as long as the intonation was different it counted. So, AK says: duck, dog, daddy, mommy, di-dee (for LP), hi, bubbles, and eye. And uh-oh. (Although the Hoos tells me that uh-oh isn't a word. Whatever.) At least I think that is what she is saying. No matter what words or sounds she uses she definitely gets her point across. The average number of words a 15 month old has is 2-3, so I think she is a genius. Or maybe I am really good at putting words in her mouth.

She also had to get two shots (one of which was a flu shot; one family member down, three to go!). And, she is definitely more of a grown up that her Daddy, because she did not even cry or flinch when receiving her shots. She was more pissed when I tried to take her bag of Cheerios away!

At a whopping 21 pounds she is in the 11th percentile for weight and the 49th for height (I think she is 30 and one quarter inches). And yet, at her tiny size, yesterday she spent part of the day in the younger toddler classroom at day care (they must have had ratio issues or something). Apparently she jumped right in, playing with her new friends and the new toys and dancing and singing along during circle time. She also napped on a cot as opposed to in a crib. I wish I had a picture.

Instead I have these pictures. I can't even believe they are the same kid!

AK at birth

AK looking like a devilish cow last month

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