Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Through the Night

Last night bit it.

The Hoos isn't feeling well, AK is teething, and LP is having bad dreams. Most of these seemed to manifest themselves in the 4-5am hour. Some highlights:

"Mommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was having a bad dream. Sheep were chasing me." I told her the next time it happens to turn around and say 'Boo' as it will likely scare the sheep.

Shortly afterward I was in AK's room applying Orajel while she moaned and clung to me (poor baby only has four front teeth and all four of her molars coming in at once). To be fair, since she started sleeping through the night (at 11 months), this is the first time AK has woken up in need. Little munchkin must have really been in pain.

While seated in the glider in AK's room comforting her, LP called again. This time she had to pee. Yay for potty training; Boo! Hiss! for having to pee in the middle of the night. She did ask, "Is this is going to wake up Daddy?" before flushing. Isn't she thoughtful?

Half an hour later AK started crying loudly and moaning again. I applied the second round of Orajel and returned to bed...only to be called out by LP because "It looks like there is a cake near the window." I am not sure what this means, or why it would be a cause for concern, but cake does not have to interrupt a good night's sleep, unless it is chocolate and you are pregnant...

Of course, today is a busy work day. Punctuated from calls from the Hoos about how he is feeling. And considerable amounts of caffeine.

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A's Mom said...

Hmmm... chocolate cake. Does Tylenol not work for AK and teething - poor little girl.