Thursday, September 17, 2009

Like Mama, Like Baby

Today AK stayed home from school. She has a rash on her butt (and NO that is not what she has in common with me). For the next week I have to rub two different ointments on her privates and give her a twice daily oral antibiotic. Fortunately, I discovered the secret to getting her to take liquid medication this morning. It only took way too many frustrating attempts over the last six months (medicine is sticky. getting it on you sucks. watching it get spit out sucks worse) for me to figure out that mixing it with applesauce somehow disguises the taste. Thank heavens.

Since baby girl isn't really sick, I took her to run some errands. Our first stop was Old Navy to buy LP some jeans (out of nowhere she decided that she wants jeans - she has hated wearing jeans for the last year, go figure!). Usually I am able to distract AK and get her to stay with me if I get a ball for her to play with. Today she wanted none of it. She prefered the shoe display. As soon as we walked in, AK scoped out the kids section, found the shoes, sat down, removed her shoes and socks and tried on a few pairs. Of course, the pairs are tied together so they don't lose their mates. So, AK would walk around with one foot in a newly aquired shoe, dragging the other shoe behind, and a second barefoot.

Needless to say, I finished up as quickly as possible.

We then made our way to Children's Place in the same strip mall. On the way I was able to get her shoes and socks back on. As soon as she sat down and started taking her shoes and socks off, I saw the writing on the wall. We didn't end up buying anything there. In fact, we only lasted about one minute.

And, no, we did not end up buying her a new pair of shoes in Old Navy. Her $40 Stride Rites better last her a season!

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Wenderina said...

Meds in applesauce got me nearly all the way through high school! I didn't learn to swallow pills until I was 16. Good trick to learn....but just try to UNlearn it!