Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come

We are just back from our first ever Connecticut Sun game. I was really surprised that both LP and AK watched and enjoyed the entire game. It didn't hurt that WNBA games are broken up into four 10-minute quarters as opposed to halves, making the entire game just about two hours, including half time.

While the casino was not particularly family friendly, the game was. LP got her face painted and loved knocking together the "rowdy rods" the ushers gave out to those seated behind the baskets. For a kid who doesn't usually like loud noises, she had no problem clapping, dancing, and cheering along at the game. Unfortunately, as nice as the arena is, you still have to walk around the interior of the casino to get to the entrance. And, the only place you CAN'T smoke in a casino is in designated non-smoking areas, which doesn't exactly make for toddler-friendly air quality. The game and arena WERE smoke free though.

Mohegan Sun is just about an hour and a half from our house in Norwalk, not too bad a ride. We left home around 1:00 for the 3:00 game, enjoyed dinner at the newly opened Margaritaville after the game and were still home around 8:30. We even came home with one less kid! My parents joined us at the game and are spending the night at a Best Western near the casino (even with the generous gift certificate my brother and I got my dad for his 60th, the rooms at Mohegan Sun are unaffordable). LP eagerly accepted their invitation to stay with them and enjoy the hotel's indoor pool and complimentary breakfast.

Would I go to another WNBA game? Absolutely. The players are great role models for my daughters, the atmosphere is energized, and there is great fun to be had. I might consider checking out another venue before going back to a Sun game, although #33 had some great moves and I think she is a player to watch, so I could ignore the challenges of attending a game at Mohegan Sun to root for our home team and watch her develop.
Good news! It was fan appreciation day so every ticketed fan received a size XL Sun t-shirt. Unfortunately, neither of my daughters (or really anyone in my family) wears XL. However, the first two readers to post a comment expressing an interest, can dress as if they were at the game! Post a comment now and I will get your shirt in the mail ASAP.
*Full disclosure, I received free tickets - and got great seats through a marketing program sponsored by the WNBA. I would have had a great time anyway:)


Anonymous said...

My great granddaughter basketball player...give me a break! We don't exactly grow giants! Glad you had a good time...I agree, casino air is the pits! Love, GG

Anonymous said...

Sun Suns Sundance seems like the XL offer is meant for me-- I still can fit in one. uncle barry