Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Over the Line? And Silliness

The Hoos and I were discussing my last blog post. He thought it was too catty for me to post about a small child in such a snarky way. He is not a regular blog reader and didn't actually read the post, he just heard my description of it. "Delia" is a pseudonym and her mom does not read this blog. Knowing that, what do you think? Too catty? Should I take it down?

And now, the silliness, conversations from this morning.

Me: Did you have good dreams?
LP: I dreamed about a silly squirrel. His name was Zooza.

Me: Are you eating breakfast?
LP: No, Mommy. I am talking on the phone to you.

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Anonymous said...

Not snarky - some 3 year olds can definitely be a bad influence on your child's behavior! They are VERY influenced by what their "friends" are doing at this age. Of course it isn't really the kids fault - it is the parents! So stay away from them (assuming you're not talking about me ;-)