Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Karma Day

I have a feeling today will be a good day.

It doesn't hurt that I didn't have to get out of bed until 5:45. And, I think AK might have even slept longer if her older sister hadn't woken up calling out, "Mommmmyyyyyyyyyy. I want to come in your bed."

The Hoos took care of LP and got her to go back to sleep. But as soon as he got back in bed AK was up and calling for me. I was able to nurse her and get her back to dreamland by a little after 6. During my quiet time with AK, LP did get up out of bed mumbling about a turtle. I have no idea what or why, but the Hoos got her back to bed before I left AK's room.

When I got to work I was hankering for some caffeine despite my relatively good night's sleep. Unfortunately, since it is Passover, I can't use the powdered creamer (it has some soy product in it, verboten during Passover; because, you know, soy wasn't used by the Jews wandering the desert - BECAUSE IT DIDN'T EXIST MAYBE?!?). And there is no way I am drinking black coffee. Fortunately we have a vending machine with 14 ounce containers of milk. Highway robbery at $1.50 each, I decided to suck it up and pay. As the machine spit out my container the one behind it followed. Yay! So I almost feel like I didn't get totally ripped off. And maybe I can sell the second bottle (the last one) and get my $ back. Sweet!

I was feeling good about today. Until the Hoos just called me and told me that he was considering selling LP on eBay. She is being a pain this morning. She is very willful refusing to do anything without major prodding and taking years to accomplish even the simplest tasks. The Hoos hasn't gotten to work on time in about six months.

Is this the terrible twos? The thrilling threes? Anyone have any helpful hints for getting a toddler out the door in the morning that doesn't involve a wrestling match?


Anonymous said...

bribery! when MK is difficult in the am, I let her know that if she does not cooperate with mommy she cannot bring her purse to school. since my almost 3 year old is NUTS about her purse, it works. probably going against every good parenting rule, but it gets me out the door! Mornings are tough!

Billie said...

Bribery works for us too. We don't have to worry too much about getting out the door but we do have issues with timely getting to bed. All I have to do is follow through on taking away their night time privileges every so often and they are suddenly timely again.

I might end up with a temper tantrum that night but it smooths the way for many future nights of co-operation.

Anonymous said...

I had the worst morning with LD today. She had a FIT over the pants I picked out. I was a wreck because of the whining. J told me that she was in bed at 8:30 last night (i was out to dinner with an old friend) but that she probably didn't fall asleep until after 9. She was clearly tired and wanted to go everything on her own terms. When will I learn to just go with the flow and not fight it all the time? Anyway, I feel your pain. LD as been whiny and tough every morning. I am thinking she just needs a change in the routine or possibly a day off!? Well good luck.


A's Mom said...

i've heard making it a game works, but I'm sure by the time they are three they've caught on to that stunt.