Monday, April 20, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Today I was sure I had picked the wrong child up from day care.

Supposedly LP had a good day until I arrived.

She left the classroom no problem. And, even though I told her we couldn't go to the playground because of lousy weather, I told her we could go to Stew's. She seemed happy and told her friends, calling out, "Adios, Amigos!" over her shoulder as we left.

However, once in the hallway, she didn't want to leave the building.

I had to physically carry her, and the infant carrier housing AK, to the car. It took another 20 minutes to strap the writhing, hysterical mess into the car. And even that was done just barely. She screamed and cried the whole way home. AK and I were both scared, but AK cried, I just laughed in awe.

Getting her out of the car was no easier. She had removed her shoes, it was windy, cold and raining. I again had to carry both girls to the house. After turning off the alarm and getting both girls into the kitchen, LP ran around behind me, opened the locked back door and attempted to run outside.

Much like childbirth, I never yelled at her. I tried to talk to her in a calm and soothing voice and hold her tight against me (even when she was biting my hand), eventually I had no recourse but to lock her in her room. AK was upset and needing attention too. Thank goodness we still have the gate up.

She finally calmed down and is now acting as if nothing had happened. My nerves are shot.

I hope the right kid comes home with me tomorrow.

I know my mom is reading this and chuckling knowingly. I was a tantrum thrower. Then again, I don't think she would believe that her sweet, funny little LP was this child either.


Tiffany said...

Thankfully Mikayla has never thrown a fit like that! I probablly would not have been so calm and I would have yelled at Mikayla to do to timeout until I told her she could leave.

KiKi said...

Holy crap! It's the terrible twos, just a year late... but look how well you turned out. So a few tantrums never hurt anyone (except us mommies, right?) ;)

Billie said...

I am trying to figure out if throwing temper tantrums similar to this is normal at almost 7. My stepson just threw one this morning because I wouldn't let him take candy to school. Full on throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming and knocking over toys.


AmyBow said...

alas, Billie, I have no idea. My mom would probably tell you that I threw tantrums until I left for college...