Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"She's So Verbal"

I was talking to a friend with kids about the same age as LP and AK yesterday and she was asking me if AK says anything yet. Kind of...sort of....okay, not really. A little "mama" and "da-da" but mostly just sounds directed at nothing in particular.

We then discussed the fact that we just don't remember a time when our older children weren't talking. Dude, I think the only time LP doesn't speak is when she is sleeping. And even then she says some weird stuff. She pretty much chatters incessantly about anything and nothing all the time. It is adorable and wonderful and occasionally mind-numbing.

Yesterday one of the teachers in LP's classroom relayed a conversation she overheard between LP and her classmate.

{NOTE: some words slightly modified to avoid this blog being labeled as inappropriate by spam filters}

LP: [Billy] you have a peanuts.
Billy (dancing around proudly): I have a peanuts! I have a peanuts!

OMG! I must have turned bright red. The teacher (the lovely Miss C) said, "She is so verbal!" which, as we all know is teacher-speak for, "She has a big mouth." I guess I now know two things:
  1. LP is the bad influence
  2. I am glad we taught her the clinical term, can you imagine if she was teaching her class anatomy slang?!


Billie said...

My step-son is quite the chatterer too. Usually when we are alone, he will talk constantly without a single let-up. Ok.. maybe I will get a small break as he occasionally has to breathe air in!

He also says lots of inappropriate words - I am sure to try to get a rise out of us. Doesn't work with me because I have no desire to encourage their use by being shocked.

Sadly, he also manages to use his words in extremely disrespectful ways. He has absolutely no respect for his mother, father, me or teachers. He is even starting in on his sister these days. We are all at our wits end on how to reverse his attitude.

Nicole said...

I can just picture it:)