Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking a Hint

Hint #1. Yesterday I was in the mood to be a good mom. So I made a little book about LP's adventures with Zooza. To the right are some pics from the book.

I sent it to the Hoos to see what he thought. He told me 1. I was nuts; 2. LP would like it; and 3. I used like 3 different animals instead of just squirrels.

LP did love the book, but every other page she would turn to me and say, "Is this a hedgehog?" or "Mommy, is this squirrel pooping?" [IT WAS ITS TAIL!!]

Hint #2. Later in the day I went to pick the girls up at day care. When I walked in the door to LP's classroom she looked at me, astonished. "Mommy, your legs are brown!"

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I was wearing a skirt and hose for only the second time in about a year. My daughter noticed. She even insisted her friends take notice, "CAMMIE! Look at my mommy's legs!"

Finally, this morning, Hint #3.

Usually AK wakes up around 5, nurses for two minutes and goes right back to bed. I am also able to go back to sleep since I haven't even woken up at this point.
Today AK woke up at 5:30. She ate for 10 minutes and then took a really stinky poop. After changing her diaper and getting her back to bed, I was wide awake.
So, what did I learn?
  1. I am not a nature girl. Whatever. But I am halfway decent with PhotoShop.
  2. In terms of nature vs. nurture, nurture is winning. My girls aren't girly-girls because I'm not. If I wore skirts and dresses more, LP would be FancyNancy in no time. Still not happening.
  3. My kids want me to exercise more. Obviously after all of the diaper changing and disposing, I was wide awake. I ended up going on the treadmill for half an hour before getting ready for work.


Anonymous said...

1. You are too funny with that book!
2. So why does my daughter like dresses so much!?!?
3. My kids conspire against my excercise by waking up early & NOT going back to sleep!

Anonymous said...

1) I agree with DM on the book - too cute. LD had a nightmare early this AM and screamed for daddy. She did not want me so he snuggled her and I went back to bed. When she was awake she said that she dreamt Daddy drove the car into the house - don't think I will be making a book about that!

2) I am also going with the nurture side - LD will not wear a dress and I often notice that we are dressed exactly alike when I leave the house (casual of course) - I think my family would be in shock if I put a skirt on for work

3) I am hoping my kids won't even notice when I am at boot camp. It will be the husbands problem if they wake up.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wish waking up early made me want to exercise. It just wakes me want to try to get back to sleep.

emma said...

my girl loves to be girly, but isn't exclusively girly. I'm skirt-less at the moment - I think I have some, somewhere - 10 lbs away, I think (sigh), but I find hers CHEAP on at consigment sales. Great idea for a mom who'd otherwise hesitate to put her kid in dresses for fear of what I spent on them (knowing they'd inevitably get messy/foodstained/dirty). :)