Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

I have distinct memories from when I was eight or nine of having nightmares.

I don't remember what the bad dreams were, but I do remember calling out, "Mom..."

When she didn't answer I would add to my chant, "Mom...Dad..."

After doing that for a while, desperation would set in and I would add my older brother in to the mix, "Mom...Dad...Adam?"

After a few minutes of that I had my complete song, "Mom...Dad...Adam...Anyone?" If "anyone" other than the former three had answered, we would have had really problems.

Finally after doing this for what seemed like hours and increasing the volume periodically someone would answer.

Only within the past year or so did I realize that volume wasn't the problem. They were ignoring me, hoping I would wear myself out and fall back to sleep. For thirty-two years this hadn't occurred to me. And than I had kids.

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A's Mom said...

Yes, ignorance is bliss. So is when they finally go back to sleep without you actually going to check in on them.