Monday, April 6, 2009

Calling the Exorcist

For the last few weeks, AK has been waking up only once a night. Ideally it was closer to 6, but occasionally it was as early as 4. Each time, after eating she would go back to sleep and rest quietly until 7 or 8.

And then there was last night.

She was up at 1:20. Screaming her head off. Sitting up. Completely inconsolable except for the magic elixir.

She was up at 4. Screaming her head off. Sitting up. Complete inconsolable...

She was up at 6:25. Screaming her head off. Sitting up...

This was not one of those times where you can just let the baby be and let her cry it out. This was unlike any usual crying. It was miserable. I am exhausted. The Hoos is exhausted. AK is likely happy as a clam, enjoying the attention and the buzz from the Orajel that I applied at 6:45 in order to get her off of my boob so I could get ready for work.

In unrelated news, my niece Julie is also growing quickly! Check out her experience at a stamp show with my brother on his blog.

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