Monday, April 13, 2009

All Knowing

As parents, we some times have to pretend we know the answers to things we have no clue about. My strategy is to say everything with confidence and hope my girls forget my made-up answers before they repeat them.

However, I really should be taking a lesson from my kids. I think they both have ESP.

Last night LP seemed to know that AK wouldn't wake up until 4; so she (LP) woke up at 1:30. She just sensed that mommy would be available at that time and be itching to hang out. Oddly enough, LP typically sleeps through the night. What a wonderful way to use an exception!

AK also seems to have a sixth sense. For a 10 month old she is incredibly aware of which of her fingernails has the sharpest, most jagged edge. She knows how to wield it to cause maximum discomfort to anyone lucky enough to be in her midst.

All I know is that I am outnumbered.

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