Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buying Talent

As I have stated before, I am not exactly Martha Stewart when it comes to arts and crafts projects (remember the great pudding fiasco of 2007?) and decor. I have my talents and I recognize my shortcomings. Which makes me all the more appreciative of someone with artistic talent.

A colleague forwarded me information on BIG WALL GRAPHICS. Eco-friendly, beautiful and able to be moved and re-used multiple times (crucial for someone like me who will likely mess it up the first few times) they seem like the ideal way to spruce up a kid's room.

BIG WALL GRAPHICS are printed with eco-solvent digital inks on state-of-the-art self-adhesive fabric paper, resulting in a gorgeous AND durable final product. They can be stuck on any surface and re-positioned countless times, while still retaining adhesion AND without leaving a residue. Unlike repositionable vinyl (which is difficult to remove after it has been mounted on a surface, and which tends to lose adhesion after even a single re-positioning), BIG WALL GRAPHICS can be moved hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness or tack. - they are actually safe to apply over wallpaper and will even stick to most brick or concrete walls!

They come in blue, orange, pink/chocolate, and purple. Check it out. And, each set also comes with a cool laptop cover graphic - so you can be cool outside of your kid's room too!

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A's Mom said...

Those are really cute!