Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday I put my foot down.

When I picked the girls up at day care, LP's teacher told me that my big girl had a meltdown. Something about hula hoops and not wanting to share and freaking out. Awesome. So sorry I missed it.

So, combined with her unfortunate behavior that morning, I knew that action was needed. But what?

When cute little MK asked LP if she wanted to go on the slide with her, the answer was clear.

"I'm sorry, MK," I told her, "but LP wasn't a very good girl today so she can't go on the playground. Maybe if she has a better day tomorrow."

And that was that. LP didn't whine or complain. She simply put on her coat, held my hand, and walked out to our car. It was very sweet. But also devastating, because I wanted to go outside and sit with my friend, MLH, MK's mom.

I also used the bribery recommended by so many. Last night I told LP that if she was a good girl today I would put a special treat in her lunchbox, "cookies with sprinkles" (really nonpareils, but she doesn't grasp that they are pure chocolate with no cookie to be found). And, to ice the cake, I said if she was good and the weather was nice, we would also go to the playground.

The Hoos said both girls were great today. They still got out of the house later than they wanted, but that may be due to the fact that they heard a transformer blow as they were eating breakfast, causing a power outage.

The true test will be around 5 when I pick the girls up.

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Billie said...

I have been using deprivation (with some bribery) for our oldest. Not sure if it is working or not. I try to be as non-angry about it as possible. Someone said that disciplining kids was like being a Mafia hitman. "Nothing personal - its my job" and I think that it the better way about it. Husband disagrees and thinks that some serious corporal punishment works. He tends to have fewer problems with his son but I am wondering if fear is the motivator and not respect. Not so certain I want my step-son to fear me.