Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stick a Fork in Me

Seriously, I'm done with 2009. And today is only February 1st.

Thursday I had to pick AK up at day care early because she had a fever. Nothing to do with her poor little leg, it was low enough that we thought it had to do with her teething (which is awesome by the way). But no. That night, AK woke up with 103.5. Many cold compresses, a dose of Motrin an an hour later her fever came down and she dozed off. Mercifully sleeping from 2am until 8am.

Friday obviously meant another visit to the pediatrician. Despite the fact that AK had just finished her latest round of antibiotic on Wednesday, I knew what the diagnosis would be. Yet another ear infection. My fears confirmed we started poor munchkin on yet another round of antibiotics and initiated an appointment with the ENT to start talking about tubes. This is her fifth ear infection since Thanksgiving.

Friday night was no better, with baby girl spiking another fever at 9:30 - this one was over 104. Motrin and cold compresses were once again employed and fortunately the fever was under control by 10:30. Once again she took a nice long sleep from 10:30 until 6.

Saturday finally brought some relief - and a visit from my parents. AK didn't have a fever over 102 all day. Oh, except I got thrown up on while getting AK ready for bed. First time that has ever happened. You know it isn't a good night when you are literally on your hands and knees collecting peas, corns, and bits of cheese stick. I guess it could have been worse.

Did I mention AK's sleep patterns are out of whack? I got up at 3 and then again at 6 with her. You can't really continue sleep training when your poor bunny has a horrible ear infection, is teething and has a splint on her "lower left extremity".

Today was a drug free day (aside from her dose of antibiotics)! Woo-hoo! I have high hopes for tonight. Both girls are in great spirits and ate nice big dinners. C'mon February, throw mama a bone!


Billie said...

I hope things get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Go for the tubes. MH, DM and I will attest to the wonders they bring. LD has already had her 2nd set and what a hugh relief it was. Did you find a doc yet? Our's was wonderful!! - Dianna

KiKi said...

Keep on keeping on and hang in there, Supermom... this too shall pass. You really are a super mom and doing a great job with your girls!

emma said...

yick - we were sleeping through the night & lately we've been doing a "hey - I'm hungry & pissed" waking @ 2am followed by a "gee I pooped & am ready to get up for the day at 6am. I don't do 6am! Sorry to hear about the ear infections - ugh!

Tiffany said...

Something my friends swear by in order to get rid of high fevers without drugs is to put wet socks on their feet and then cover the socks with a pair of your wool socks. They say that it draws the fever out - and it has worked ever time. When I am dealing with a fever I can never remember to do this and end up with the drugs instead.