Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to Normal

Woo-hoo! The orthopedist removed the splint yesterday! He said that AK's leg was healing nicely and while not 100% yet, it should be perfect in a couple more weeks. Since she doesn't put weight on the leg anyway and the cast was starting to slip, it just made sense to remove it.

AK was so happy that she played with the toes on her left leg while I nursed her last night. She was psyched to be able to lift the leg over her head and wiggle her cute little toes around unobstructed. It was wonderful.

In other news, AK slept through until 4am last night (from 8pm) without making a peep. I got up at 4 because LP was actually squeaking. She was cold, having kicked her covers off, and too lazy to pull them back up. I wonder when they outgrow that?

Shortly thereafter AK made some peeps and appeared to be WIDE awake. I sat with her in the glider in her room and while I dozed, she stared at me. After a few minutes of that, I decided to put her down and just leave; it wasn't like she really needed anything, she just wanted company. I just wanted sleep. Note that I did not nurse her. In fact, I have not nursed AK in the middle of the night in several weeks. We have made it over the hump and hope to make it totally through the night noise free very shortly.

To put things in perspective, I recently reread my post from February 6, 2007 - when LP was AK's age. Apparently, while I have since deluded myself into thinking LP was sleeping through the night at 5 months, apparently she was still waking up periodically for a visit with Mommy and Daddy when she was 8 months old.

Perhaps Mama's memory would be improved if she had more sleep? two years I will still think my girls were (and are!) perfect from the moment they arrived.

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