Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow, Snow Go Away

Yesterday was yet another opportunity for the snow to ruin a perfectly productive day. The girls are back to being mostly healthy, I was finally back at work for a full day...

and then my phone rang at 11am...

"Hi, Amy. This is Louise. I am calling to let you know that we are closing at 12:30 due to the weather."

The weather? Yes, it is snowing, but it isn't sticking! Arggghhhhh!

After discussions with the Hoos, it is decided that I will leave early and pick up the girls. Since I had planned on leaving early on Wednesday to take AK to her follow-up with the orthopedist, the Hoos will instead take on that activity so I can work a little later.

Of course as I drive to get the girls, the roads are clear and empty. Whatever.

When I get to the day care, the parents are all in a frenzy and the Director is trying her darndest to get teachers to clock out the minute that they are no longer needed. If I was a nice person I would say that this was because they were concerned about the teachers' safety, but I am not a nice person. Especially when it comes to the Director. Instead, I imagine she wants them to clock out so that she can stop paying them.

You see, the teachers are paid by the hour. The sooner they clock out, the more money day care stands to make. Financially, it behooves the day care center to close early and negatively impacts the parents and the teachers. On snow days, the center is making money hand over fist since we pay by the week. And don't even imagine any sort of rebate. And since I am not at work, I am not really getting paid either.

Unless you think it is payment enough to spend the afternoon with my two little angels. Which it is. Sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I know about the "Clocking Out" I understand why LD came home with BLEACH stains on her perfectly good brown leggings!! They were rushing to clean up and somehow the bleach got on her clothes. They should be cleaning up after the kids leave not while they are there. Also her barefeet, not socks smelled of bleach. How do you explain that one. UGGHHH. - Dianna