Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Suck

So last night I slipped on the stairs while carrying AK. LP was behind us. On impact both girls began crying immediately. The Hoos took AK, I ignored any minor aches or scrapes and scooped up LP (who was just scared), "I didn't like that!" Me neither, kid.

After an hour AK calmed down but anytime we touched her left leg her eyes would well up. based on how I was carrying her - on my right hip - we think her leg might have gotten smooshed under me when I went down. Fortunately our pediatrician has an after-hours "Urgi-Kids" program until 9. At 8:30 I packed AK up and rushed off to the doctor. Unfortunately, the X-ray techs leaves at 6:30.

At 9:15 we were on our way to the ER at Norwalk hospital for some x-rays. We saw a nurse to take AK's vitals pretty quickly and then settled in to wait our turn for a doctor. Oddly enough, AK had slept much of the day at day care so she remained awake this entire time and only got a bit restless around 10:15 when thy finally brought us into a room. I was able to nurse her to keep her calm while the x-ray room was prepped. Good thing they prepped it, because the tech had me remove AK's diaper (I have no idea why) and she promptly peed all over the place.

Three x-rays and way too many minutes later , around 11:15 AK's leg was splinted and we were trying to figure out how to get our car (since the valet was now off duty). We were home at 11:30 and I can't really say I ever went to bed. AK slept with us most of the night and I was afraid to jostle her and hurt her.

This morning we went to the orthopedist and he confirmed that AK has a torque fracture. He explained it as being similar to bending a paper towel roll. Babies bones are flexible and they don't break, but they bend. He said she really shouldn't be feeling much pain. The splint is immobilizing the injury and she can resume any normal activities - like sitting and attempting to crawl. He thought it should take about two weeks to heal ; I have no idea how long it will take me to heal.

This post is closed to comments. I feel bad enough and likely won't be talking about this again.