Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

Last night was astounding.

AK was exhausted. She had been awake since 12:15 with only a 20 minute nap around 5pm. She would have napped longer, but LP woke her up.

When I calmed both girls down after this incident (AK was pissed at being woken up and LP was upset at being yelled at) and told LP to apologize this was our exchange:

LP to AK, "I'm sorry [AK]."
Me to LP, "For what?"
LP to AK, "For hitting you."
Me to LP, "WHAT?!"
LP, "I mean for waking you up."

Around 7:30 AK started to meltdown. While I was sitting with LP in the bathroom as she used the potty I decided to start getting an early bath ready for AK (she usually bathes around 8). LP then announced that she wanted to take a bath with AK too. Easy enough, I just added more water, figuring that after the bath LP would just hang out for a while until her usual bedtime around 8:30.

As soon as both girls were done, around 7:45, I brought AK up to her room. LP followed, refusing her usual pre-bed milk and telling the Hoos that she was ready to brush her teeth.

BOTH GIRLS WERE ASLEEP BY 8:15! LP usually makes noise until 9:15.

I guess it goes to show you, bedtime routines WORK. The girls obviously can't tell time, but they know how things are supposed to go. The Hoos and I will have to take advantage of this more often!

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A's Mom said...

I love having a schedule baby, although he's been fighting naps lately since Paci has been gone. I hope the next one is just as good!