Saturday, February 21, 2009


We did it! We survived the craziness of having nine drooling, cutie little infants; two adorable toddlers; eight jolly daddies; and nine amazing mommies crammed in to our cozy house. I didn't think it could withstand having 27 people (seriously, I dreamed about my house exploding and having to kick everyone out), but it did. And we even had a good time to boot.

And we have tons of leftovers. Everyone was not only nice, they were very generous contributors to our potluck.

Firefly families, it was nice to know you; AK starts transitioning to the Caterpillar room on Monday. Until we meet again.

In addition to today's adventures, last night our family of four went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport. LP was excited about it and kept asking me for her basketball glove. At least she enjoys sports, even if she does confuse them.

We were a little concerned when we got there and entered the Arena to find our seats and LP refused to climb the last step. You sort of enter very close to the floor and "Globie," the Globetrotters mascot, was entertaining the crowd in the center of the gym prior to the main event. Thankfully once I carried her up the several flights of stairs to our actual seats she calmed down and even had a good time. She learned how to yell boo and make the thumbs down motion. AK mostly enjoyed looking at the people sitting behind us. Fortunately the two teenage boys were good sports and laughed at made faces at her.

I know that LP is definitely related to me because apparently she likes salty snacks over sweet ones. Given the choice of ice cream or popcorn she was PSYCHED for a box of popcorn. The Hoos has a sweet tooth. I guess you would say I have more of a savory one.

All in all we have had a good, busy weekend. And it is only 4:30 on Saturday. We are expecting the Hoos' parents, as well as his brother and his family for "brunch for dinner."

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Lori said...

My one Globetrotter experience was at camp, summmer 89 (which sounds SO long ago now!), 4-week surprise. I was more interested in making out with Chris C. that night, but even then I knew that it was a pretty cool thing to see. :)