Thursday, February 5, 2009

Had to Share

On occasion I check out the site stats for this blog. While I am pleased that I am getting slightly more popular - in high school I would still be a nerd, but perhaps a nerd with an equally nerdy boyfriend? - I find it hysterical that some people actually come to this blog looking for useful information.

Here are the some searches that brought folks to my blog over the past week:
  • my 8 year old girl still wears pull-ups to bed [I can't help you here. But this sucks.]
  • les zombies et les loup-garous [This brings people here at least 3 times a week! Look in the liner notes!]
  • "potty party" [I have a cardboard cut out of a toilet if you want to borrow it!]
  • spank her tush [hopefully referring to a child...]
  • snotty kids [aren't they all this time of year?]
  • "animated dancing bear" teletubbies [I'm sorry I am not the only parent subjected to this]
  • cute little hoos [he is, isn't he?]

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